Bubble Simulation

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Bubble Simulation

Postby Nobody » June 17th, 2012, 8:30 pm

I've redecided making my first iphone app idea back to a simpler idea i had several months ago. Not going to give away too many spoilers yet in case i do go through with it, but it involves bubble movement simulation. Since i can't figure out how to download x code to make my app (created a mac vm but i can't figure out how to get the mac app store. if anyone knows more about a mac than me and would like to help me solve my issue, leave a comment or pm), i decided to make a rough simulation in DSGM. It isn't perfect do to some limitations of DSGM. These include not being able to have localized variables, leaving me with arrays to work with. Since you can't make float array's in DSGM i had to make tweaks to the movement code to make it flow a little better. Also, since DSGM is glitchy with messing with a bunch of variables and stuff at one time, the bubble generation is down a little low to prevent less mess ups in value handling (yes, i do wish you could just make a montage of bubbles on the screen, that's what i wanted by i did what i could). Tap to create a bubble where you please, but try not to have more than like 6 bubbles on screen unless you want crappy bubble movement.

The app just generates bubbles at random positions. I know it is already glitchy, but i was hoping someone could help remove some of the glitches and or improve some of the movement a bit which is why i added the DSGM file too. Help would be appreciated
bubble simulator.nds
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bubble simulator.dsgm
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