Mini-Games, my personal Collection!

If you created something quickly in DSGM 'just for fun', post it here. Please post the .DSGM project too.

Mini-Games, my personal Collection!

Postby boe6eod7nty » June 7th, 2013, 12:57 am

So, basicly this is justa a topic where i'll be posting the little tiny pojects that i make with DSGM. they arn't really complete "games" just some simple things i made upm while trying to get better at DSGM.
also, i plan on (hopefully) adding one every week for a while.

here's the first thing i've made, just a (very) simple "quiz" where you click true or false and it tells you if you won or not, then you can click again to restart (thing is the first "complete" program i've made in DSGM :D)
Simple "Quiz" game
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