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SudokuBook Nintendo DS Game

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I made this game for my own use, but perhaps some people would like to play Sudoku anywhere too. It is a collection of 68 puzzles to solve like so: no help, no rubber, when you choose a number, you must be sure, however you can make 4 mistakes. The best thing is to make no mistakes.

When you win, the next puzzle is loaded. The current puzzle number is written in the bottom left corner of the top screen. It is saved when you close the game. If you lose, you must replay the current puzzle from the beginning! This is also so if you turn off your DS during a game. There is a command, whereby if you lose, you may switch the puzzle using the D-Pad. Don't cheat though. I hope you'll like it.

About this Game
Author oldowl
Genre Application
Downloads 6896
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